Saturday, November 29, 2008


Even better than a dime....a Norwegian ore, which is like the Norwegian penny. It looks like a dime but smaller. I guess A's piggy bank may need to be supplemented with some coins of value when she realizes the only thing an ore is good for is not choking her sister to death. A parental bail out plan is on the table.

The Coin passed yesterday at 9am without incident.
Child and Coin are doing well.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad Mom Moment

Little B has been our most mischievous child so far. If someone is not watching her...she WILL be getting into something. She has been the one who eats the toothpaste-luckily I found out it's not as poisonous as I thought! She likes to either drink her bath water or dump her bath water out all over the floor. The toilet has been one of her favorite play areas...her dolls like to go swimming in it, she likes to unroll the whole roll of tp and drag it around the house, but her favorite pastime is going in the cupboard and taking out the fresh rolls of tp and finding out how many she can shove into the toilet.

Other antics include using markers to decorate her whole body right before church, supplementing her room decorations with her own crayon-drawn murals, and if she gets the chance she likes to scribble on photographs and/or library books with pen. More dangerous favorites include playing with matches (and lit candles when available), sticking keys in electrical outlets, running with scissors-you name it, she's done it.

Being home with her all day, one may wonder where I am when she is doing all this?? Well, I have to admit sometimes I am blabbering on the phone, but often I'm being a good little homemaker and putting laundry away, cooking dinner, helping someone with their homework...and various other noble-housewife-pursuits. Or maybe I am just looking away for ONE SECOND!

Well, her latest incident came yesterday and unfortunately it was one of those times when I was blabbering on the phone and not pursuing a "noble-housewife-task". She was upstairs and decided to 'count' Allison's money, which consists of all coins. I heard her making a strange coughing/screaming noise and she was saying something was stuck in her throat. I ran upstairs as she was saying "now it's in my tummy!!" (with a little smile on her face). I asked her which coin and she pointed to a silver one. Now, we wait....