Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lazy Crazy Summer

It's been so long since my last post and so much has happened. First, we bought our beach house. It's a fixer-upper with an awesome view of the exhilarating Pacific Ocean. Yes, it needs a lot of work...but it's an investment. It came with a dog house in the front yard, which the kids like to sit on. More on that whole thing later.

The day of the closing I took the kids out to the east coast to visit all of our family out there for a month. It's not easy flying across the country with 4 kids in tow...but it seems to get easier every year-and, more expensive! We had a wonderful vacation spending time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. RWH joined us for a bit and we went with my parents to Cape May, NJ, for a week. We all had so much fun. It was hard when it was time to leave but we got a nice long visit with everyone.

We also have Uncle J. with us again! Uncle J. is RWH's brother who has stayed with us in the past and worked for us on several projects around the house during his summer breaks from college (yes, he is 13yrs younger). So he came out to live with us again this summer and ended up spending most of his time working on the beach house, luckily for us since it needs so much work and we're getting old and lazy.

Now that we're home from our trip 'back' east and adjusting to summer and Uncle J. being here, the kids and I are spending a lot of time playing, relaxing, swimming, reading, running, biking, eating, taking long walks and watching lots of movies. Sprinkle in some rip-roaring sibling fights, a few bee stings, lots of skinned knees and more than our share of potty accidents, and it's a typical, crazy, frustrating yet wonderful summer with the kids!