Thursday, February 26, 2009

Healthy and Smart Kids?

I recently read a book from the library entitled In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I'm not what you'd call a 'foodie'...far from it. The H family eats pretty well, we like our fruits and veggies, but we're no strangers to corn dogs, root beer, and Honeycomb.
This book interested me because it talks all about the history behind the 'Western Diet'...and how it is making us sick and fat. At the same time, it slams the science of 'nutritionism' and helps to explain why we are supposedly learning all about what we're supposed to be eating yet getting sicker and fatter.
I loved this book because it explains something I've often wondered every time I read how much of each nutrient I'm lacking. I wonder, what about those 100 year old people living poorly yet happily in villages all over the can they do it when they're not getting their daily allowance of dairy and omega 3s?? How come Eskimos can live so well on whale meat know they're not getting enough grains.
Another aspect of nutrition that has bothered me and is addressed in the book is the 'long term studies' of who ate what for how many years and why they're better than us now....can anyone really keep an accurate tally of their vegetables for 10 years? C'mon.
Though I still recommend it, the down side to the book is now I'm all whole grains this and organic that. Store bought bread is poison..and the hydrogenated oil peanut butter, corn syrup jelly, and corn syrup plus chemicals fake whole wheat bread our son RTH has been eating every day for 6 years is basically poison. So, I've been making a conscious effort to have us all eating a lot better. We all want our kids to be healthy and smart, right? I mean, the good food is supposed to help your brain as much as your body.
I thought I had been doing well until said son came down for his morning 6 bowls of cereal-which is healthy now! Yes, he can eat almost as many bowls of cereal in one sitting as my brother could back in the day. So, he came down stairs and asked, "Mom, can I please have some Flakes Bran?"
Healthy AND smart, I tell ya....

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