Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pass the Cool Ranch Doritos, Please

I've finally read a few anti-fear books on health that have freed me from my short lived 'whole food living' kick and gotten me back to my old, carefree ways. That's great, because I was having some problems with the changes these books required to be 'healthy'.
Planting your own garden isn't have to have perfect soil. (no)
Buying better meat isn't have to buy a whole, pasture-fed cow and chop it up to split with neighbors. (yuck)
And everything at my grocery store is basically poisonous. (great)
Call me lazy, but I am not going to research the soil content where my produce was grown.
I think of my grandmother, who lived a great life to the ripe old age of 92...and I'm pretty sure she never baked her own bread...with or without organic whole wheat flour!
It doesn't matter how many blueberries you add to plain's still gross.
So, back to my old ways: Eat, Drink, Be moderation.

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Fluffy Windover said...

That guy had me on a no-processed foods kick recently as well. (My baby is eating cheerios and they are poison!!!!) But it only lasted as long as it took me to figure out that beer would be considered a processed food.